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SUPER TECH ELECTRO SERVICE  is a 6 years old reputed Company engaged in the Manufacturing of wide spectrum of electrical products used in diverse electrical application by implementing the latest technology.

These unlimited incredible achievements are supported by full-fleged departmental staffs recruiting high technocrats with technical skill and expertise who have served for the technological revolution with their own expertise in the major core sectors.

With the implementation of Quality Management System (QMS), on the day to day basis we achieve excellence in all business operations.  We are not only focus on order fulfillment process but also scrutinize the continuous improvement of the quality of our products.  We mould and develop an individual with self confidence, best technical skills, encourage innovative ideas, etc., with required resources to meet the competitive market. We are not only providing customer satisfaction through latest technology but also deliver real business benefits.  Henc we explore technologies to the maxim for the convenience and benefits of the customers.

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